RRT-6UVME-SATA-R: VME SATA Carrier with Removable Drive Modules

6U VME SATA Carrier with Removable Drive Module
Path Name
  • SATA interfaces factory configured for front panel, P0 or P2
  • Provides boot and/or disk storage
  • Up to 4TB of removable storage
  • Rugged removable module connectors rated for 100,000 mating cycles
  • Drive Modules uses COTS 2.5” SATA drives for a wide variety of options
  • Options for discrete controlled secure erase
  • Robust design for high temperature, shock and vibration environments
  • High performance SATA2 transfer rates.  Backwards compatible with SATA1
  • Compatible with all CPUs with a SATA controller
  • Power supplied from VME backplane